Molluscoo company from North-Eastern Poland with many years of experience with snails farming and breeding, decided to expand its offer.
In order to take full advantage of the nature, they worked with great care for three years in the laboratory to create a line of cosmetics based on 100% purified and filtered snail mucus. They managed to develop a method that allows them to obtain large amounts of mucus with respect and without the slightest harm to snails (Cruelty Free).
The company's laboratories ensure that the snail slime obtained for cosmetics is of excellent quality. Its microbiological purity is ensured by innovative methods of laboratory purification. The snails from which the slime is obtained are bred In ecological breeding parks, strictly controlled by specialists.
The brand has been developed systematically creating new product categories. Currently the company offers skin care line, hair care line, men's line and a line of professional vegan hair cosmetics.