Join Us

A membership in the Polish – Asian Chamber of Commerce gives you a number of benefits. Join us and enjoy access to:


• exclusive invitations to the meetings with leading figures in business, politics and organizations supporting business development in Poland and abroad,

• invitations to the high profile B2B meetings,

• highest quality networking,

• a regular newsletter containing information on the activities of the Chamber, invitations to events, and proposals for activities in the area of ​​business, including information about international public procurements.


Conditions of Membership in the Chamber:


1. The status of Member may be granted to any entity having legal personality, Polish or foreign, which holds the status of employer.

2. To become a member of the Chamber, a candidate must:

a. submit a membership application to the Management Board (according to the model drawn up by the Management Board),

c. pay the entry fee in the amount of the annual membership fee,

d. be approved by the Board*.




In order to start the procedure for examining an application for membership, please contact us directly at Chamber representative will contact you to discuss further steps.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of membership in the Chamber please contact us. We are happy to arrange an interview to get to know your needs and to provide you with opportunities of joining the Chamber.


* The Board may refuse to approve the application for membership only for important reasons, in particular if the candidate does not meet the generally accepted ethical standards, including in the field of business. A candidate may appeal to the Council from a negative decision of the Board.