About Chamber

Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce (also known as: Izba Przemyslowo-Handlowa Polska-Azja) was established in April 2016 as the initiative of Polish entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to deepen the internationalization of Polish companies. The Chamber helps our members to efficiently match demand and supply by identifying the needs and connecting them with reliable business partners.

Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce offers its member a wide range of services including business consulting, economic analysis, PR services. Moreover, the Chamber organizes events such as business missions, conferences, B2B meetings, seminars. 

Due to wide network of contacts and great experience of its members, Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce is an attractive business partner and is an added value for entities that are interested in developing their business on foreign markets and promoting their companies in the international business environment.


Among many benefits of being a member of the Chamber we can enumerate:

access to the wide network of contacts including Polish and foreign companies,

exclusive invitations to the meetings with leading figures in business, politics and organizations supporting business development in Poland and abroad,

invitations to the high profile B2B meetings.