ACTION S.A. has been in the market since 1991. Thanks to its long-term business strategy, which ensures stable development, the company is one of the biggest players in the IT, GSM, radio, television and household appliances market both in Poland and Europe. ACTION also offers high quality own brands: Actina (e.g. PCs, servers), ActiveJet (e.g. power packs, consumables, alternative energy sources – LED) as well as Actis (economical consumables). Since 2006 the company is listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange, and its debut was proclaimed by Stock Exchange Newspaper “Parkiet” to be the best one that year.

ACTION has strong position in all of the stable world markets and is achieving dominant position in new sectors. It owns the Germany-based subsidiary ACTION Europe, which has been in the market since 2013, as well as ACTION Games Lab, which creates mobile games. ACTION is also the majority shareholder of an e-commerce business Lapado, which deals in IT equipment distribution.

The well-established leader position in the IT distribution market has enabled the company to enter new business sectors. Presently, apart from its basic activity, ACTION is also engaged in the distribution of toys and kids accessories, office equipment, consumables, as well as in the sales and export of Polish food to the Chinese market. The company owns one of the state-of-the-art logistics centers in Poland. Unique warehouse technologies of the fully-automated stock replenishment processes integrated with Warehouse Management System, ERP and B2B systems have allowed for creating an effective logistics management system. Thanks to advanced solutions, which are the basis for the global business, ACTION’s warehouse can daily distribute 100 000 packages which reach Polish customers within 24 hours and global customers within 48 hours. The company exports products to 44 countries, including: the whole Europe, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Israel, Nigeria, Panama, the USA, Turkey and Russia, where the company exports as many as 60 product groups.


“As a listed company, in such a dynamic business environment, for the sake of the shareholders we have to actively react to the changes and needs of the market, not limiting ourselves to business sectors that are traditional for us. Thus, when we perceived a chance to improve our trade balance in the export of Polish commodities to China, we decided to take action. Thanks to the improvement of the Polish-Chinese relations we have an opportunity for a safe and long-term development of trade business with China. We want to provide the Chinese market with what we all care about most and what we as a country are proud of – i.e. Polish natural, and, last but not least, healthy food. In May we took part in the biggest food trade fair SIAL, where we presented over 200 products from nearly 50 Polish producers. We cooperate with small and medium-sized companies, which produce high quality food and which, thanks to us, can develop in the Chinese market”, says Piotr Bieliński, the CEO of ACTION S.A.



Marek Orzechowski Marek Orzechowski
Asia Purchasing Advisor to the Board
phone: +48 882 016 192