Sohbi Craft Poland sp. z.o.o

is the first established in Europe factory of Japan Sohbi Koghei group factories.

Plant situated in Ostaszewo start production in 2008 from collaboration with Sharp Manufacturing Poland sp z.o.o.

Actual Sohbi Craft Poland producing mainly for Automotive customers for which delivers press stamping product made of many types of materials (steel ,aluminum, copper, brass).

Sohbi offers products mainly for: Compressor clutch, car seats, car air bags, engine supports, and steering columns). Sohbi also offers molds, die design and manufacturing.


Sohbi Craft Poland succeed at international markets.

In 2018 it get awarded by Denso Group company TDDK for „ Best supplier of the Year 2017”, and also Gold Trophy from Toyota Boshoku EU for “delivery 2017” category.

In 2018 it was awarded by Polish federation of Employers and Entrepreneurs by “Quality diamond award”, and 2019 Best Quality reword by Toyota Boshoku EU.

The range of delivery is Global, and actual it is: Belgium, Germany, France, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Poland. SCPL has also experience in deliveries to Mexico and USA.


The company stand out from the others stamping companies by high automatization of management systems and also production lines. Automation rate is 92%. Machine park is mainly based on mechanical press machines from 150 ton to 500 ton capacity. Thickness of stamped materials is from 0,3mm to 8mm. SCPL is producing also for household appliance ( electro- tools, boilers etc.).

SCPL is factory ready for new challenge , technology and customers.

Besides stamping process SCPL can offer also: automatic rifling, washing, spot welding, and vibro – abrasing, help with machine integration and modification against CE requirements.


Sohbi Craft Poland sp z.o.o is ISO IATF 16949, ISO 9001 i ISO 14001 certifided.