REVEO Sp. z o.o.


REVEO works in the IT industry. We specialize in creating mobile applications and software for business. We are constantly looking for new ideas and solutions using technologies such as Xamarin,, Umbraco or Nopcommerce. We develop and perfect our skills
 to create solutions of exceptional quality.


We specialize in the following solutions:



Based on the client's expectations, we create applications and programs that are a flywheel in the further development of his company. These solutions bring out the potential inherent in each company and allow you to effectively sell, produce or manage resources.
We automate each work based on business analysis and in accordance with the client's instructions.




ERP system - enterprise resource planning. Organizes and integrates all areas of the company's operations, supports resource management and maximizes efficiency.
This planning may cover all or part of the management levels, it facilitates the optimization of the processes taking place in the enterprise.

CRM system - a system that automates and supports customer-organization relations in terms of customer acquisition and service. The system collects and makes available information about products and clients, and analyzes their behavior. All departments of the company can benefit from the system. We adapt or create ERP and CRM systems that allow you to monitor and manage the company in an easy and transparent way!