QSense, based in Wroclaw, Poland, is a fast developing, dynamic process and people-outsourcing company with deep roots in quality control and quality assurance processes.


To serve customers at the highest level and to fulfil even the most complex quality and process related tasks, the ONE TEAM philosophy was developed and introduced, which resulted as an outstanding team of quality, process, automation, and IT engineers as well as HR specialists.


Focused to assure Customers’ satisfaction through its professionalism, commitment and engagement, coupled with shared passion, deep understating of processes and quality-issues merit, sense of responsibility, and resolute determination. All these fuel QSense drive to solve Customers' challenges effectively, according to QSense’s fundamental: Exceeds Your Needs.


This philosophy allowed QSense to become the leader in process outsourcing in electromobility sector in Europe as well as a strong player in the entire automotive industry on the fields of outsourcing as well as permanent and temporary employment solutions.