PRIME Transport Sp. z o.o. has been operating in the European logistics market since 2012 as a provider of specialised transportation services in the broad supply chain.

The company’s mission is to provide its customers with the highest standards of service using cutting-edge and environmentally friendly vehicles, advanced IT and telematics systems and individually tailored solutions for effective performance of all kinds of transportation tasks.

Many years of experience in the transport sector and a modern fleet of vehicles enable us to offer personalised services to a broad range of customers. We focus on providing flexible logistics solutions that guarantee satisfaction and meet our customers’ expectations.

Taking care for the interests of our business partners and their satisfaction have been the driving force of our business since day one. The key priority of our organisation is to ensure the safety and timely delivery of cargo entrusted to us and efficient use of our resources, with particular attention to the principles and
standards of environmental protection.

The company’s core business involves road transportation services (FTL) and forwarding on almost the entire territory of the European Union. Our versatile fleet allows us to safely transport various types of cargo for a broad range of business customers.

For the automotive industry and household appliance manufacturers, we developed specialised technical and organisational solutions that enable to optimise logistics processes and their costs. MEGA, MEGA XLS and MEGA BDE trailers are the core vehicles in our fleet.

Most transport operations are carried out under a so-called safe procedure, which involves full monitoring of your shipments. You can view the current status of your shipment via our telematics system installed on all our vehicles.


PRIME Transport Sp. z o.o.

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