PIAST GROUP Sp. z o.o.


The PIAST Group specializes in protection of people and property, provision of cleaning services, support for production processes. The company provides customers with a service with the best price-quality ratio, therefore cooperation with companies from the PIAST Group is effective, long-lasting and mutually beneficial.


In the scope of ensuring the safety of persons and property, the PIAST Group provides the following services:

  • Internal and external protection of plants,
  • Protection of public buildings,
  • Protection of parking lots and squares,
  • Security of facilities with compulsory protection,
  • Securing mass and special events.


The PIAST Group offers services of fixed and moving facilities based on the latest technical solutions, which ensures reliable, 24-hour supervision of the monitored and protected facility. The PIAST Group has one of the largest own networks of Intervention Groups and Patrol Groups.


The PIAST Group provides a convoy service of money and valuables.


The PIAST Group provides cleaning services on the basis of permanent contracts
and as one-off orders.


The PIAST Group also offers outsourcing of production stages. As part of this service, the company provides, among others services: product packaging, sorting and segregation, assembly of components, handling of production stages in the food and packaging industry, warehouse management, field works.