P.H.Royal sp. z o.o. exists since 1991. It is focused on the production of spices from around the world: India, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Mexico and Brazil. Our products are sold on the Polish market and the European Union, in China and the USA.


P.H. Royal Sp z o.o. is the owner of the Royal Brand® trademark and the Chinese brand Barczaks®. The company has many own patents and patented utility models.


Since 2015, we have been a member of the "Polish Ecology" association. We offer many products marked with the EU ecological mark. The company has a Certificate of Conformity No.: PL-EKO-01-008913, awarded by the certification body Ekogwarancja PTRE Sp. z o. o.


Thanks to EU funds, we launched an innovative series of products on the market - dietary supplements based on herbs, amber and iodine.


Our offer includes:

– Herbs and spices that are grown in Poland, i.e. wild garlic, lemon balm, lovage,

– imported spices: vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, tonka bean,

– mixtures of herbs and spices made according to our own recipes: we have spice for scrambled eggs, wild chicken, omelette,

– a range of vanilla-based products: vanilla pastes and extracts

– dietary supplements: amber extracts, pine needles and buds extract, ahswagandha extract, ginko extract.

These are both conventional and organic products, with all the necessary certificates.