OK JOB Sp. z o.o. Temporary Employment Agency


OK JOB Sp. z o. o Temporary Employment Agency with its registered office in Jarosław, was established on the basis of the knowledge of employees with many years of experience in Temporary Employment Agencies and managerial positions in HR departments.

We specialise in recruiting employees from Poland and Ukraine, which is why our team consists of mobile bilingual coordinators who look after our employees at clients' premises and of a network of associates working in almost every region of Poland and Ukraine and supporting our recruitment processes.

The convenient location of the company's headquarters made our agency specialise in recruiting and servicing employment of employees from the east. Thanks to the fact that we offer free of charge assistance in finding a legal job, a decent salary and adequate living conditions, the group of our employees is growing every month. Motivated employees from Ukraine help Polish companies to reduce staff shortages and limit the turnover of employees. We have a network of representatives in Ukraine who provide us with access to candidates correctly verified in terms of the customer's needs. Satisfied employees also recommend us to their friends, thanks to which we are ready to provide our customers with employees in the shortest possible time.

For the convenience of our business partners, we offer comprehensive services related to the employment of foreigners. In this way, we ensure fully legal and economic optimisation leading to a significant reduction in employment costs. Each client is served by a dedicated coordinator who looks after both our client and employees, enabling them to communicate freely in their native language.  

We have several offices throughout the country (including in Mielec, Tychy, Legnica, Ożarów Mazowiecki). We also offer cooperation in the field of employment of workers from Asia.