KW KRUK AND PARTNERS is an independent law firm providing legal services to leading Polish and foreign companies operating in in different lines of business and economic sectors, in almost every field of law. The main practice areas of the law firm's include:


  • establishing companies (both with Polish and foreign capital), creating domestic and foreign business entities, forming Polish branches and agencies of the foreign companies;
  • ongoing corporate services for companies;
  • legal counseling on transaction of  sale, lease, liquidation, conversion, merger and acquisition of companies;
  • preparing, assessing, negotiating and concluding as well as dissolving civil and commercial contracts (both on the home and international market);
  • dispute resolution, litigation and srbitration;
  • carrying out comprehensive legal audits of business entities and real estate as well as due diligence of planned investments;
  • advisory and legal support in detecting and preventing business crime and corruption as well as asset tracking and recovery;
  • legal counseling  in the field of international trade and customs law regarding both Polish and international law and regulations.


KW KRUK I WSPÓLNICY is the only Polish member of ICC Fraudnet – an international network of lawyers specializing in asset tracking and recovery, and the only Polish member of IR Global – a multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides advice to companies and individuals in over 155+ jurisdictions – in the field of trade & custom law and white collar crime.


Is also a member of Greenlane – European Customs and Trade Law Firms – an organization of lawyers in the field of customs and international trade. As a member of legal organizations and thanks to cooperation with foreign lawyers, the law firm has a rich and reliable database of international contacts and access to specialists in various fields. Thanks to this, it is able to ensure proper and comprehensive legal services to Polish entrepreneurs abroad, and render services to foreign entrepreneurs.