Comprehensive Solutions Inspired By Industry Needs


Company Przedsiębiorstwo Badań i Analiz Energotherm was formed in 1988 and over time it evolved into ENERGOTHERM GROUP, which offers PROFESSIONAL and COMPREHENSIVE services to industry, with particular focus on power generation. Our group excels at process OPTIMIZATION, QUALITY and equipment performance enhacement provided to utilities, Combined Heat and Power Plants, Heating Plants and municipal services. 


Our constant DEVELOPMENT, synergy resulting from KNOW-HOW and interdisciplinary experience enabled us to deal with complex process and engineering problems.



- tests and optimizations, tests of thermal power generation equipment are conducted in order to determine performance chcaracteristisc such as boiler operating parameteres, energy convension efficiency and thermal balance, heat losses. Tests are carried out for power plants, boilers, turbine

- commissioning of power equipment, acquisition of installation to commissioning, technical documentation, trainings, technical projects, service coordination, cold commissioning

- emission laboratory

- chemistry in power generation, projects, technology, chemicals, acid cleaning, alkaline boiling, chemical cleaninc and more

- power generation consulting, energy audits, wide range of consulting services with assistance from highly qualified professionals, consulting for waste management, water and waste water management, technical and cost analyses

- project execution, preparation of project documentation, supervision of erection, installationf of instrumentation, project deliveries 


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