We are an e-commerce software provider. For over 14 years we have been designing and creating online stores for companies from various sectors of the economy. We support brands that are just starting their online business, as well as companies with many years of experience in the e-commerce market. We provide modern tools, create comprehensive solutions, integrations and new functionalities that correspond to current e-commerce trends.

The strength of our company is our team, which consists of over 30 specialists with many years of experience in the e-commerce industry and more. It is composed of programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, as well as marketing, sales and customer service specialists. They are people who have practical knowledge and use proven strategies on a daily basis, ensuring comprehensive service and development of your ecommerce.

Since 2008, we have been building a strong and stable brand by creating a modern environment for effective sales on the Internet. Our company's mission is to create and deliver e-commerce solutions that allow our clients to achieve their goals. The result is a constantly growing list of companies that have trusted us and thus have become leaders in their industries, distinguishing themselves from the competition with innovative and effective solutions. In such a dynamically changing industry as e-commerce, you should be a visionary and analyst at the same time, you should think outside the box, and be able to use huge amounts of data at the same time. What's even more important - create a team that sees opportunities in challenges, proposes new solutions and quickly learns from failures.

Our product

The RedCart online store platform is a software for setting up and managing running online stores based on the SaaS model - it is one of the most modern and advanced tools on the Polish market that allows you to open, run and promote a fully functional online store.

Droplo is a B2B platform for suppliers and sellers where you will find thousands of items from manufacturers and wholesalers all over Europe. Thanks to the possibility of integrating the online store with manufacturers and wholesalers offering an assortment in 20 categories, it gives online sellers access to over 700,000 products, keeping all data regarding the offer in sync. It makes it easier for sellers to obtain products for sale, also in the dropshipping model. By automating sales processes, it allows you to save time and resources and guarantees access to a ready base of recipients who are responsible for selling goods and generating additional profits.