DiWine is a Polish Fruit Wines Manufacture founded in 2020 by Beata Iwanczyk and Marcin Bancerowski, producing high-quality fruit wines, mainly from black and red currants. As winemakers, they honor Polish, traditional recipes and recognized winemaking techniques. The purchased currants come from sophisticated Polish agricultural crops, and then they are processed in Manufacture. They believe that close cooperation between Polish entrepreneurs and farmers, based on tradition and values as well as modern solutions, is a way to establish a renaissance of Polish fruit wines from the interwar period. Together, they make key decisions in their wine business, searching for business partners among farmers and fruit growers, but also establishing cooperation with representatives of various industries that promote Polish craft services and products.




DiWine white currant wine is light, crisp. The mouth is well-structured and round, balanced, with fresh acidity and a long finish with a fruity aftertaste. Perfect as an aperitif. Serve with salads, Cheeses, grilled fish, seafood.

DiWine wine made of white and red currants

DiWine rose wine was made from a blend of white and red currants. It is a liquor with a subtle bouquet. On the palate crisp and deliciously fruity, with great acidity and a long, clean aftertaste. Serve as an aperitif, with light salads, or with poultry and fish dishes.


BESTSELLER 2022 - DiWine blackcurrant wine has a deep, rich, burgundy color. It is a very complex wine, perfectly balanced. Its aromatic flavor with plenty of tannins gives it aging potential and goes well with most meats, especially duck and venison.


Red currant wine DiWine is a combination of natural acidity and sweetness from fresh red currants. The quintessence of the carefully selected Rondom variety is its ruby color, exquisite aroma and distinctive taste. It is great to drink alone, but also goes well with fish and poultry dishes, snacks, desserts and even cocktails.


DiWine haskap wine is a full-bodied, complex wine with medium acidity and a balanced amount of tannins. The final aftertaste is pleasantly long with intense sensations of fruity aroma of juicy berries. Purple color and complex texture. Wine is combined with exquisite meats.

DiWine wine with haskap and blackcurrant


Haskap blueberry and black currant wine DiWine is a combination of complex and perfectly balanced flavors and properties of both fruits in a unique drink. Has aging potential. Perfect for tasting on its own, but also goes well with most meats and game.



We hereby announce our will of cooperation within entry of our wine products into Indonesian marketplace. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.