BKT Elektronik is a manufacturer and provider of comprehensive ICT solutions.


We offer cabling systems designed for building telecommunications infrastructure and solutions used for projects related to Data Center.


We provide solutions within copper wire and fibre optics technology that constitute the basis for such subsystems as: data transmission, access control, ITS, BMS, CCTV, voice transmission, and automation.

When it comes to Data Center and organization of Local Area Networks and power distribution, we manufacture and provide server racks with accessories, including managed power distribution units with environmental conditions monitoring.



As a leader in the Polish market of structured cabling, we participate in the largest projects related to the construction of passive cabling infrastructure and, when it comes to fibre optics solutions, broadband networks.

Our systems work in hotels, hospitals, banks, office buildings, universities, military facilities, offices, computational centers, production facilities, and the largest stadiums in Poland. We participate in investments related to the construction and modernization of major airports, train stations and railway hubs.


Having rich engineering facilities at our disposal, we provide our Customers with technical advice and prepare comprehensive projects within general electrical, low-voltage and telecommunications systems. 


BKT Elektronik also specializes in the manufacturing and equipping control cabinets, installing electrical and optical technology units, as well as cable confections and bundles in the combined copper wire and fibre optic technology. We provide advice and design products with the Customer, selecting the best manufacturing process to optimize the solutions both in terms of their usability and cost.

At the same time, one of our substantial assets is the possibility to design any casing or industrial cabinet that meets the customer needs and requirements. 





Poland, Lochowska  Str. 69, 86-005 Biale Blota

Phone: +48 52 36 36 750

E-mail: export@bkte.pl