ALWERO is a Polish brand of wool clothes and accessories. We have been operating in Poland since 1999, and our products enjoy growing popularity. We focus on high-quality products made of wool that win the hearts of our customers. Our clothes are fully organic and pro-ecological, they are also perfect for people suffering from allergies.


The history of Alwero began in 1999 and over the years of our activity we have gained experience in the field of knowledge of wool. We are constantly driven by the desire to provide people with the opportunity to learn about the benefits of wool. We are a brand of nature, natural products for people who live in the rhythm of nature. Nature is the leitmotif of our work.


Natural raw materials allow you to return to the previous years, when we were not dressed in acrylic and polyester. That is why our collections are made of wool and linen and cotton. We are a Polish family company! Our production facility is also located in Poland!
We currently employ about 100 people and this number is constantly growing. 


Our offer:

  • WOOLEN CLOTHING Vests, jackets, coats, sweatshirts, pants, ponchos, cardigans
  • WOOL PANTOFFERS Slippers for children, women and men
  • FOR CHILDREN Vests, sweatshirts, coats, capes, overalls
  • WOOL BEDDING Quilts, sheets, pillows, blankets, headrests, neck supports
  • GLOVES & CAPS Hand warmers
  • WARM HOUSE Mascots, socks, foot warmers, seat cushions, mats for exercise, animal beds
  • MEDICAL DEVICES Elastic belts, elastic elbow pads, elastic feet, elastic socks, elastic knee-socks, warmers