uAvionics is a manufacturer of unmanned aircraft. Our offer is divided into three main groups: unmanned platforms below 7kg, unmanned aircraft below 25kg and equipment for drones such as autopilot systems, redundant autopilot systems, gimbals, power management solutions or ground control station. Our platforms can be used for inspection, monitoring, surveillance and recording from air while maintaining the highest safety standards. They find applications in civilian and military sectors.


Our products :

Besides our offer in design and production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, we also provide professional services with UAVs in the area of visual and infrared inspections. Our fleet equipped with a range of different sensors, experienced and certified operators are invaluable in many sectors. 


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and services with them help businesses lower the operating costs and often accelerate traditional inspection methods. Moreover, drones can provide inspections in places that are not reachable otherwise. 

Our staff is fully certified for commercial UAV operations and can legally carry out missions even in cities. 


Our offer:

Our operators are ready to help you carry out safe missions and gather rich photographic material, go through the information processing and prepare the end report summarizing the whole task



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