The pivotal role of our family business in economy is underpinned by unique long-term vision, values and succession. It’s built on our ambion and value systems. It grows with our potenal and agile decision-making. It shapes our legacy. This disncve set of characteriscs gives our family business its compeve advantage. As a family company, we care about making life beer, easier and cleaner.

That is why we have spent over 30 years making quality services that work, using ingredients you can trust. As a family-led company, we report to you who use our services. Profit is not our only consideraon. Just as important is how we help make a beer Energy Sector. The Company employs highly qualified commissioning, operaonal and supervision specialists in scope of power engineering investment and environmental protecon. TERMALL Sp. z o.o. Rozruch Moc Ekologia mission is to provide highest quality of services for energy sector in scope of modernizaon, renovaon and implemenng new technologies based on professional expert team.


The key values, on which Company mission and vision stands are: 

FAIRNESS – equal project management,

RESPONSIBILITY – for acons taken and realized obligaons,

RELIABILITY – to ensure honest informaon about realizaon possibilies,

PROFESSIONALISM – based on employees skills and knowledge and also on trusted business partners, COMPREHENSIVENESS – focus on providing complex Customer support in scope of services sale, market needs openness,

FLEXIBILITY – in Customer contacts, focused on Customer needs,

RESPECT – fir own and others work,

TRUST – professional service and long-term business relaons developing.

TERMALL Sp. z o.o. Rozruch Moc Ekologia main areas of service are:


Preparaon and consulng in scope of investments, Projects management, coordinaon and Sites supervision, Complex commissioning of power installaons, environmental protecon and  auxiiliary installaons, Supervision and operaon of power and environment protecon installaons, Opmizaons, measurements, research and development works, warranty measurements, Preparaon and projects realizaon in scope of power engineering and environmental protecon, technological consulng.


The Company conducts realizaons for variety of industry branches, i.e.:     power industry, environmental protecon installaons (sewage treatment plants, thermal waste ulizaon plants, flue gas cleaning installaons),  renewable power sources (wind farms, geothermal energy, biogas plants), heavy industry, chemical industry, paper industry, cement factories..