REWAG is a professional manufacturer of freight rolling stock with a plant in Silesia, Myszków.


REWAG is an integrated provider of services in the field of design, production, service and leasing of intermodal freight wagons, which, in addition to advanced technical and economic properties, enable for the first time the implementation of rail transport connections at the level expected for a long time.


The company’s factory is located in Silesia, Myszków, where, along with current operational activities, it also carries out research and development work in cooperation with the Military University of Technology. The undeniable advantage of the factory is its connection with railway networks, through having its own railway siding.


REWAG is the creator of innovative EQUOS wagons. The new generation of rolling stock enables simple and convenient transport of various types of vehicles, such as TIR trailers, tractors, containers and tanks. EQUOS wagons with a rotating low-floor platform enable loading and unloading of semi-trailers on any paved area without the need of intermodal terminals. EQUOS is an innovative and the only such solution in the world that can revolutionize the rail transport market.