We are the Polish Engineering Company. We provide construction works within the range of general execution. We are present on the market since 1989.

We possess references from the execution of construction projects for public administration, as well as from private investors.

Our company's strength is its employees and innovative solutions for acquiring and realigning investments

We are looking for interesting projects and business partners as well as equity shareholders to our company.

We have often been asked the question why, as the general contractor of construction and engineering work, we focused our activities on seeking properties, conducting analyses of the location and market research and then finally bought the selected property, renovated, developed and modernized it and finally sold it or rented it to the final client.

The answer is simple. As the general contractor we completed 14 investments for investors.

Our profit was generated at the level of 2-3%, whereas the payment period was as long as 180 days. That is why two or three years ago we made a decision to change the strategy for our company development.

Using our experience and executive potential for our own investments we have completed three investments so far. At present we are working on two compact investments and preparing the next three.

Our investment will not constitute aggressive competition. On the contrary, it will be a very effective and attractive development project. In every project we cooperate with city authorities, organizations of inhabitants and tenants, as well as with many associations of entrepreneurs.

We never look for offers of properties on Internet portals. Our team works in the field, talking, observing and analyzing the location. We do not treat the location as some established object, but as a zone which has potential and future buyers.

Having chosen location and evaluating its potential, we begin to verify and choose specific properties which meet our investment conditions.

Therefore our investment in selected real estate are like “pearls” in the real estate market.

After choosing and preparing the investment we start the process of seeking business partners, shareholders, private investors as well as investment funds.

The completed and fully approved development investment allows investors to reach the double-digit profits, higher than on the investment financed from advance payments or reservation payments.

The above can be confirmed in transactions on the Polish market.

Before each presented investment we list the main cost-generating factors which point at the economic effectiveness of the investment.

Therefore, it should be stated that we are an innovative company with an increasing potential of revenues and an ever-growing portfolio of proprietary properties for commercialization and sale .

The construction work will be performed by Phoenix Construction company from our group.

Website: https://www.phoenix-construction.eu/


We carry out general contracting work

General Construction:

Housing complexes  and residential buildings

Office buildings

Hotels and sanatoriums

Commercial buildings

Production halls and warehouses

Logistics center

Health service buildings

Other public utility buildings

Revitalization of historical landmarks

Civic Engineering:


Construction of environmental protection buildings, including:

Sewage plants

Water treatment plants

Sewerage and water supply networks

Wastewater lifting plants

Retention reservoirs

Drying units and sludge incinerators

Construction of waste treatment facilities · Construction of communication infrastructure,


o Access roads and parking areas

o Railway stations and lines

o Communication links

o Communication tunnels

o Bridge structures and objects

o Underpasses and overground walkways

Energy Engineering and Construction:

Power substation and distribution

Industrial power lines

Construction and modernization of CHP plants

Adaptation, construction and modernization of central emergency energy supplying systems

Construction of Renewable Energy Sources units and installations

We guarantee reliability and honesty in our cooperation.

Please check our property investments which are being implemented and sold now.