MW Logistics is a Polish company founded in 2018 in Świecko that provides comprehensive services for the e-commerce industry.


We are a professional provider of services such as warehousing, fulfillment, customer service as well as returns and complaints services. We are able to support our customers at any stage of the supply chain.


We are providing a full range of logistics services:

  • consultancy in the field of the choice of e-commerce platform and sales model,
  • order processing and delivery,
  • handling returns,
  • payment processing,
  • e-mail and telephone customer service,
  • marketing consultancy service.


We offer a storage space of 12 500m2 equipped with 450 shelves and 200 pallet places. We ship 10,000 packages a day, guaranteeing over 99% of shipments without any errors. We offer extremely competitive terms of collaborative working – it is possible, among others, thanks to the use of 57 robots. Our warehouse is equipped in  a systems that allows to reach high level of service that is not possbile to have in traditional type of work. We make scan on each process and cameras above each packing station allows you to track products at every stage from receipt of the goods to the dispatch of packages. In Warehouse we use regular racks and racks which were designaed for our needs to be compatible with robot’s system. . Advanced technology and developed automation allow us to achieve significantly better results than the competition - speeding up work, eliminating errors, maintaining high quality of work performance. We are learning every day and improve our work systematically thanks to precise statistics.

An excellent complement to the magazine is an experienced team that consists of experienced employees constantly raising their predispositions. A well-coordinated team combined with innovative technology creates an ideal environment for companies wanting to grow on the e-commerce market.

The strategic location of our warehouses in western Poland, at the Polish-German border, allows us to easily service customers both Polish and German markets. We work with e-commercials from the fashion, FMCG, electronic and toy making industries.

The high quality of services is guaranteed, among others, by the EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems certificate implemented in MW Logistics in the field of logistics services, involving the packing, warehousing and dispatch of goods.