Chmaj i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radcowska


„Chmaj & Associates” is a reputable law firm, which team is constructed with high-qualified legal counsels, attorneys and legal assistants. The team is qualified in many law fields and not only they analyse particular practical cases but also they teach and publish in legal publications. The team is supported by a wide range of professors and doctors of legal science.  Our clients are assisted with immediate support in their legal problems, high level of qualifications and reliable and complex law services.

Our law firm also prepares expertises and legal opinions for:

-medium and large commercial companies, e.g. power stations and foreign companies,
-governmental authorities and local governmental authorities,
-the Chancellery of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland,

-higher education institutions, foundations and associations.


Our reputation and market position is based on trust and contentment of our Clients. We conduct our business in many cities in Poland.


The head office is located in Warsaw, Flory Street 9 suite 4.


Chmaj & Associates