Cervi Robotics is a company providing consulting, prototyping and solutions implementation services focused on robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, and Internet of Things. The scope of work includes rapid prototyping and Research & Development outsourcing for clients. Cervi is listed in the TOP10 UAV companies worth following and TOP30 World Startups according to InfoShare. They are the laureate of numerous competitions, including Imagine Cup and Dragon's Den. 


One of the Cervi's project is Dronhub Innovations - the system of autonomous drones docking station excluding human involvement in servicing operations. The system is capable of maintaining any conservation issue and providing advanced data processing software. This advanced drone solution was made together with the European Space Agency and now is implemented in a few polish companies in the need of improving monitoring, data collecting, mapping, and surveillance.


Cervi Robotics, as a holding company, has numerous significant projects in their portfolio.
It is worth mentioning about RoboSoccer and Airvein. 


RoboSoccer is a tech startup established to become a global innovator in the tabletop game and robotic industry. The company is focused on creating a new way of tabletop games that meets the gaming challenges of the 21st Century — building the first 3D tabletop game that could be widely adopted by the consumer market. RoboSoccer delivers a high-quality product at competitive prices for the growing population of technology hobbyists, robotic geeks, and gamers.


Airvein is a system of drones responsible for cargo transportation dedicated to the U-Space - airspace in urban areas. The goal is to reduce human involvement in the transport process to a minimal level. Drones could also offer a safe, effective, and fast way to deliver blood products or medicines to hospitals by saving the time to spend on traffic jams. The drone can complete a flight in about three minutes, and in the same situation, drivers need
30 minutes in average daily traffic.