SEFIR POLSKA SP. Z O.O – owner of the brand ALBA HEMP


Alba Hemp is 100% natural CBD products based on Cannabis Sativa L that we grow under full supervision in the fields of western Poland.


Hemp, which we use to manufacture Alba Hemp products, is grown in ecologically clean areas of western Poland. The soil used to grow hemp is specially prepared for the right pH and mineral content. We only choose certified seeds from European suppliers for our crops. We regularly examine and monitor the entire plant growth process. We do not use artificial fertilizers or chemical plant protection products, and the time of harvest is determined based on tests confirming the optimal stage and content of valuable ingredients in the plant.


We use a modern method of supercritical extraction using carbon dioxide, known today as the most effective way of obtaining polyunsaturated oils.


The process goes without access of air; thus, the ingredients are not subject to oxidation, and carbon dioxide evaporates completely after its completion. Oils obtained this way are pure in microbiological terms and retain the full spectrum of ingredients. Our products are tested and verified by independent labs in Europe.


Through the controlled production process from grain to final product, we guarantee that our CBD hemp products contain the full spectrum of natural cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids Only CBD oils that contain trace amounts (up to 0.2%) of THC can be legally sold on the Polish market. CBD oils and Alba Hemp products are made only from approved hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) – plants that contain no more than 0.2% THC. These products
are fully legal.