Letter to H.E. Mr. Chettaphan Maksaphan Thai Ambassador

Your Excellency,

On behalf of Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa Polska-Azja (Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and its Members,  I would like to thank you for Christmas and New Year wishes and a gift.

Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa Polska-Azja was established in 2016. It initiates and supports economic and cultural contacts between Poland and Asian countries, among others, using the potential of the Asian diaspora in Poland and in the EU. Within the Chamber there
are National Sections (ASEAN, India, China, Arab Countries, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Korea, Central Asian Countries) and Industry Sections (Energy, Human Resources, IT, e-Games
& e-Sport, Promotion & Marketing, Logistics). In 2021 we would like to establish the Thailand and Australia Sections.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly limited relations between Poland
and Thailand and the potential for cooperation built over the years will require updating
and adaptation to the new reality in the coming year. In my opinion, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Poland, we have many advantages
of cooperation, because Thailand’s potential with its economic and tourist offer is very interesting for thousands of Polish companies. Today, Poland is the 6th economy of the EU, and 22nd of the world, with more and more opportunities and an interesting investment offer. Although, in my opinion, in relations with Thailand and other ASEAN countries,
not all opportunities have been used so far.

For these reasons, for several years, with partners representing Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Korean entrepreneurs diaspora in Poland, the Chamber have been implementing the Project Centrum Polska-Azja (Poland-Asia Centre) to transform the largest traditional shopping centers of Asian capital in the EU near Warsaw (in Wólka Kosowska) into Asian Business City with full legal, investment, customs, tax and logistics services. On favorable


terms Thai products can also be presented in the exhibition and sales center, where
12-15 thousand merchants and customers from 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe come daily. Additionally, we offer promotion and distribution of the products
in the e-commerce channel for the entire European Union. As a part of the Poland-Asia Centre, we also collect and present an offer of Polish entrepreneurship for partners from Asia.

We paid particular attention to new products that are needed for production in Poland
in the cosmetics sector – new semi-finished products for new generation cosmetics
and bio products, the food processing sector o cooperation in the IT and e-games sector.
For instance, Polish companies from e-games industry want to establish permanent cooperation with Thai companies in the purchase and introduction Thai games to consoles
 in Europe and Northern America. Several others are looking for developers
and subcontracting partners for large projects.

As you can see Mr. Ambassador, there are many spheres where Poland and Thailand
can cooperate.

On the behalf of the Chamber, I would also like to invite Your Excellency to participate
in the online webinar for Chamber’s members and other Polish companies interested
in cooperation with Thailand, to present cooperation opportunities. I am certain, that this kind of meeting will be an additional impulse for Polish companies to start cooperation
with Thai entrepreneurs. Please let me know if Your Excellency would be interested
in participating in this event in the first quarter of 2021.

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

may 2021 be good for the world. May it be good for Poland and Thailand. Let it be fruitful and allow us to return to intense cooperation.

I wish you good health and happiness!




Janusz Piechociński

Chairman of Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa Polska-Azja